Friday, September 30, 2016

FLASH NEWS : Regarding grant of enhanced bonus of 7000 to GDS

Regarding grant of enhanced bonus of 7000 to GDS, Com. R. N. Parashar, Secretary General, NFPE discussed with Chairman, GDS Committee, Shri Kamalesh Chandra today (29.09.2016). Chairman informed that he had recommended for payment of bonus to GDS at the enhanced calculation ceiling of Rs. 7000/- and the file returned to Postal Board. (Last time Nataraja Murthy Committee has recommended that GDS should not be paid enhanced bonus and their bonus should be reduced to 50% of the departmental employees). Now that, GDS committee has recommended 7000, Postal JCA has demanded Postal Board to issue bonus orders of GDS with calculation ceiling of 7000/- without any further delay.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Homage to Com. Deshraj Sharma in Gujarat Circle

Com. Deshraj Sharma was a legendary leader with strong determinations, strong voice and strong personality. He was unique and incomparable. All of us had special feelings, respect and love towards him as a union leader.  So far as Gujarat concerns, He was like a family member for many of us. He was calling each & every active union members by name. Gujarat circle mourn over sad demise of one of the most beloved leader. At various big offices, staff from all wings are paying homage to Com. Deshraj. He has created a space in our heart which can't be replaced and for us, he is always alive with us with eternal memories.

Com. Deshraj amar raho....

At Rajkot H.O.

At Ahmedabad GPO

Central Govt has a proposal to Pay 1% DA from July as an interim Measure.

The Sources Close to the Ministry of finance informed that there is proposal to Pay 1% DA from July as an interim Measure.Itis said that the Central Government has not yet decided about the DA rates in Revised Pay scale.

Sources close to Finance Ministry told that the initial installment of DA to central government employees on the revised pay structure w.e.f 1.7.2016 is under consideration. Mean time there is a proposal to pay the DA from July 2016 at the rate of 1% to all CG Staffs. It will be a shocking news for CG Staff, since they are already expecting 2 to 3% DA from July 2016.

PRU is asked to submit Financial Implication of 1% DA

But the fact is the Department of Expenditure has directed the PRU of the Finance Ministry to furnish the details of additional Financial Implications for 1% increase of DA with effect from 1.7.2016 on the revised Pay Structure.

Further the Pay Research Unit has been requested to furnish financial implications for the Period of July 2016 to February 2017 on account of granting 1% DA from July 2016 to all central government employees including Armed Forces and UT Employees.

According to the above information, it is believed that announcement of 1% DA for July installment may be made any time soon.


Circle Union requested CO for issuing instructions for counting of Pre appointment training of Direct PA/SAs for MACP

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Railway Employees Bonus – 78-day PLB @ Rs.7000 p.m. will be made to all the Group `C’ and `D’ railwaymen well before Pooja Festival

The Addl. Member Staff Railway Board, Shri Anand Mathur, has intimated today, i.e. 26.09.2016, AIRF leadership that, Railway Board’s orders for Restructuring of Technicians, to which an agreement was arrived at in Full Board Meeting held on 22.07.2016, will be issued in this week, and payment of 78-day PLB @ Rs.7000 p.m. will be made to all the Group `C’ and `D’ railwaymen well before Pooja Festival.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

*Very sad news! Comrade Desraj Sharma passed away* 

AIPEU Gujarat expresses its deep sorrow over the shocking news of demise of comrade *Desraj Sharma* former GS P4 NFPE at about 9.00 P.M today. He was hospitalized after a cardiac arrest and undergoing treatment. Suddenly he had another attack and breathed his last. 

Comrade Desraj was also holding positions of Treasurer and Deputy Secretary General NFPE in the past. Known as the close disciple of Comrade Adinarayana, comrade Desraj Sharma was succeeded Comrade Ashok Bhattacharjee as the GS of P4. 

We express our grief over sad demise of one of the most dynamic and Jaabaaz leader comrade Desraj Sharma.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

7th Pay Commission Allowances Committee to submit its report soon – Media reports quoting govt sources – All Allowances payable to Central Government Employees except Dearness Allowances will be decided based on this report

A panel set up by the Central government to look into proposals pertaining to allowances of government employees, including defence personnel, made by the 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC) is likely to submit its report shortly, raising expectations for about 1 crore individuals.
The announcement of the panel to be headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa was made on June 29, 2016 when the government accepted the salary hike rates as proposed by the pay commission.

An online platform called The Sen Times claimed that the committee has finalised its report and is likely to submit the same “this week”, citing government sources. It also said that the quantum of allowances may not vary from those proposed by the CPC.
“The committee on allowances is likely to stick with the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations on allowances,” The Sen Times quoted the sources as saying.
The 7th CPC had recommended scrapping 51 allowances and subsuming another 37 after examining the existing 196 allowances that are currently paid.
Given the significant changes in the existing provisions for allowances which may have wide ranging implications, the Cabinet had decided to constitute a committee headed by Finance Secretary for further examination of the recommendations of 7th CPC on Allowances.

“The Committee will complete its work in a time bound manner and submit its reports within a period of 4 months. Till a final decision, all existing Allowances will continue to be paid at the existing rates,” an official statement issued by the finance ministry said.
The government has already released the salary and pension arrears for the period January to July 2016 and started paying salaries after factoring in the hike from August onwards. A decision on payments to the armed forces was taken recently.
The recommendations of the 7th CPC are applicable to 47 lakh central government employees and 53 lakh pensioners, of which 14 lakh employees and 18 lakh retirees are from the defence forces.

The acceptance of the salary hike proposals by the Narendra Modi government had triggered similar pay hike by Central public sector undertakings (CPSUs) who joined the nationwide strike on 2 September, 2016.
Besides, employees of state governments have also started similar pay revision. The Karnataka government have almost accepted the demand made by the 6.40 lakh state government employees for appointing a panel to consider salary hike.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Circle Union demanded urgent meeting on cadre restructuring as well as on abolition of posts in PA cadre.

Observance of “Joy of Giving Week” between 2nd and 8th of October, 2016-Appeal to officers and staff members

F. No. 385/ 17/2016-IT (B)
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Central Board of Direct Taxes
New Delhi, Dated: 15.09.2016
All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income Tax
All Principal Directors General of Income Tax
Madam/ Sir,
Subject: – Observance of “Joy of Giving Week” between 2nd and 8th of October, 2016-Appeal to officers and staff members.
I am directed to say that it has been decided that the Income Tax Department will observe the week between 2nd October and 8th October, 2016 as “Joy of Giving Week”, to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti.
In this regard kindly find attached an “Appeal” issued by CBDT to all officers and staff members of Income Tax Department for giving wide circulation in your Region.
This issues with the approval of Chairperson (CBDT).
Yours faithfully,
(Anand Jha)
Commissioner (IT&CT)
It has been decided that the Income Tax Department will observe the week between 2nd October and 8th October, 2016 as “Joy of Giving Week”, to commemorate Gandhi Jayanti.
During this week, the officers and staff members of the Department are encouraged to donate clothes, toys, books and other useful items to people in need or to credible/ deserving charitable organizations. They may also do voluntary work with any charitable organization engaged in promotion of local causes. During this period, all the office buildings of the Department may put banners at visible locations displaying the following message:
Joy of Giving Week,
2nd to 8th October, 2016

Friday, September 16, 2016


National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
Phone: 011.23092771
Mob: 9868819295/9810853981
Dated : 14th September,2016
The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110 001
Respected Sir
The Government of India, Ministry of Finance issued order on revised ceiling limit of PLB from Rs.3500- to Rs.7000- from the year 2014-15 (OM No. 7/4/2014-E-III A dated 29-08-2016) to all Central Govt. Employees. It is apparent to note that the calculation of Productivity Linked Bonus for the year 2014-15 with revised ceiling limit @ Rs.7000-to regular departmental employees in the Department of Posts has been granted vide letter No. .26-01/2015-PAP dated 02-09-2016 and the arrears have also been drawn in favour of the regular employees.
The case of 3 lakh GDS employees regarding applicability of revised ceiling limit @Rs.7000- is yet to be finalized by the Department.
Therefore, it is requested to kindly expedite the grant of Bonus to 3 lakh Gramin Dak Sevaks at the revised ceiling @ Rs.7000- from 2014-15 prospectively.
Early action is highly solicited.
Yours faithfully,
(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 2014-2015

RBE No. 109/2016
No. E(P&A)II-2015/PLB-4
New Delhi, dated: 15.09.2016.
The General Managers/CAOs,
All Indian Railways & Production Units etc.
Sub : Payment of Productivity Linked Bonus to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees for the financial year 2014-2015.
Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 (Seventy Eight) days wages without any ceiling on wages for eligibility for the financial year 2014-15 to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees (excluding all RPF/RPSF personnel) was sanctioned vide Board’s letter of even no. dt. 07.10.2015 with the condition that where wages exceed Rs. 3500/- per month. Productivity Linked Bonus will be calculated as if ‘wages’ are Rs. 3500/- p.m.
2. The President has now decided that the calculation ceiling of monthly emoluments for the purpose of payment of PLB shall be revised to Rs. 7000 w.e.f: 01.04.2014 i.e. for the accounting year 2014-15. Therefore, payment of PLB for the financial year 2014-15 to all eligible non-gazetted Railway employees (excluding all RPF/RPSF personnel) would be based on the wage calculation ceiling of Rs. 7000/- per month i.e. where wages exceed Rs. 7000/- per month, Productivity Linked Bonus will be calculated as if ’wages’ are Rs. 7000/- p.m.
3. Therefore, in the case of eligible railway employees mentioned in Board’s letter of even no. dt. 07. 10.2015 who were not placed under suspension, or had not quit service/retired/expired during the financial year 2014-15 or were on leave where leave salary admissible is not less than that admissible on leave on average pay. the amount due towards Productivity Linked Bonus for the financial year 2014-15 becomes Rs. 17,951/- instead of Rs. 8,975/-.
4. Accordingly, the PLB amount to eligible non-gazetted Railway employees (excluding all RPF /RPSF personnel) for the financial year 2014-15 may be re-worked and the difference paid on priority in the same mode as payment of salary. All the other terms and conditions under which the payment was made shall remain unchanged.
5. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
( S. Balachandra Iyer)
Director/ Pay Commission,
Railway Board.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

7th Pay Commission Minimum Pay and Multiplication Factor Committee Meeting held on 30th August 2016 – Brief of Meeting as reported in Staff Side JCM website

Shiva Gopal Mishra

National council (staff Side)
Joint Consulative Machinery for Central Government Employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi-110001
E-Mail :


Dated: August 30, 2016

All Constituents of National Council(JCM)
Dear Comrades!

Sub: Brief of the meeting held today between the Government of India and the National Council (JCM) (Staff Side)

The Government of India has constituted a committee, under the Chairmanship of Addl. Secretary(Exp.) with J.S.(Pers.), JS(Estt.) and JS(Imp.) as members, to deal with the pending issues of our memorandum, submitted to the Empowered Committee, of which prominent are “Minimum Wage and Multiplying Factor”.

The first meeting of the said committee with the National Council(JCM) Staff Side was held today, i.e. 30th August, 2016, which remained almost introductory. Apart from the Official Side members, Shri M. Raghaviah, Shri M.S. Raja and I myself(from the Staff Side JCM) attended the said meeting.

We raised vehemently the issues of “Minimum Wage and Multiplying Formula” and made them very clear that; the VII CPC has accepted Dr. Aykroyd Formula for fixing Minimum Wage, but has not implemented the said formula in full sense, so, that is notacceptable to the Staff Side(JCM), therefore, Minimum Wage from Rs.18000 must be enhanced and accordingly Fitment Formulashould also be changed.

It was agreed by the committee that, since we are again meeting on 1st September, 2016 with the Committee on Allowances, the next meeting of the said committee will be fixed in consultation with the Staff Side(JCM).

Thereafter, we also met the Cabinet Secretary(Government of India) and there also we shown our anguish about the inordinate delay in resolving those issues which were agreed to. The Cabinet Secretary said that, orders for the gratuity have been issued for the NPS covered employees, and orders for the PLB and arrears have also been issued. Many of the issues raised by the Staff Side(JCM) have been accepted and implemented and the remaining issues would also be pursued and settled.

Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secretary (staff side)
NC/JCM & Convener

Source: National Council, Staff Side JCM..

Monday, August 15, 2016

7th Pay Commission – CG Employees can expect revised Allowances by November – The information was given by finance minister Arun Jaitley to the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday in response to a question pertaining to the pay commission.

7th pay commission – The government is likely to take a decision about the hike in allowances for Central government employees by November this year when the panel appointed to examine it submits its report.

The committee headed by finance secretary has secretaries from home affairs, defence, health and family welfare as its members; the first meeting of the committee that was constituted on July 22 was held on August 4.
The information was given by finance minister Arun Jaitley to the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday in response to a question pertaining to the pay commission.
The hike in the salary component as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission (CPC) was accepted with retrospective effect from January 1, 2016. The arrears have been paid to the 47 lakh employees while 52 lakh pensioners are expected to get their arrears in due course.
A study by Tata Strategic ManagementGroup had estimated the quantum ofallowances at Rs. 34,000 crore. This could change if the committee differs from the hike proposed by the 7th CPC.
The committee has been asked to submit its report within four months. Therefore, a decision on increased allowances for about 1 crore employees and pensioners can be expected by November.
While approving the recommendations of the 7th pay commission, the government has said in an official statement on June 29 that the committee to examine the allowanceswill submit its report in a time-bound manner.
The 7th pay commission had recommended abolition of 51 allowances and subsuming 37 others after examining 196 allowances.
“Given the significant changes in the existing provisions for Allowances which may have wide ranging implications, the Cabinetdecided to constitute a Committee headed by Finance Secretary for further examination of the recommendations of 7th pay commission on Allowances. The Committee will complete its work in a time bound manner and submit its reports within a period of 4 months. Till a final decision, all existingAllowances will continue to be paid at the existing rates,” the statement said.
The Union Cabinet also decided to appoint two separate committees to examine implementation of pension under the National Pension Systems (NPS) and discrepancies/anomalies that could stem from implementing the 7th CPC.
The recommendations of the 7th central pay commission cover 47 lakh Central government employees and 53 lakh pensioners, of which 14 lakh employees and 18 lakh pensioners are from the defence forces.
Source: IBtimes

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Circle union adressed CPMG for grant of OTA or C.Off to staff on extra seating- early calling in office due to CBS related frequent problems.

Email to Chief Postmaster General Gujarat Circle, Ahmedabad on 13-07-2016

Hon. Sir,                                     Date: 13-8-16
Namaskar. The matter for issue of instructions for noting of details of extra attendance on records of each office and grant of Overtime Allowance or C.Off in lieu of extra attendance by postal staff in CBS offices due to system/Network failure was discussed in relevant item in previous RJCM meeting and it was agreed and instructions are not yet issued by C. O.

It has become a routine harassement to our staff. On 11th Afternoon to 12th August late evening there was total blockage of work due to Sify side issue. Nobody was knowing how much time, they have to sit in office for EOD. Divisional heads were pressing staff to stay in office. Ultimately a message was moved as under:

As per instructions of DD-CEPT, Please leave for the day and instruct the officials to come 7:00 AM on 13-Aug-2016 to clear the Blocking validations.

Thank you for your patience. Good night.


Now see, our officers are exploiting staff if they are late in office even for few minutes. So many officers keep attendance registers in their chambers and suppress staff for any occasional lecuna. How can it be agreeable that same staff sit extra hours uncalculated time without any reward? How can they all be asked to attend at 07-00,am without any remuneration or OTA?

Staff side urges for issue of instructions that OTA or C/off should be granted on such occasions. Please issue instructions also as per RJCM discussions.

with regards, 

yours Sincerely

Rashmin Purohit
Circle Secretary
AIPE Union Group 'C'
Gujarat Circle
At: Junagadh HO 362001

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Govt to set up 2 Committees to hire retired Central Govt Employees

NEW DELHI – Two committees will soon be set up by the government for hiring of retired CG employees as consultants in various Ministries and departments, Lok Sabha was informed today.
Minister for Personnel and PMO Jitendra Singh said bureaucrats and polity were two essential pillars of democracy and bureaucrats and civil servants were tools of governments.
“We can’t achieve good governance with bad tools. Therefore, it sometimes become necessary to appoint retired bureaucrats. We are now planning to set up a committee with representatives of concerned Ministries or Departments as well as Department of Personnel which will select such candidates.
“If the appointment would be for more than two years and the salary would be more than Rs 50,000, another committee, headed by the Cabinet Secretary, would consider any such proposal of appointment of retired bureaucrats,” he said during Question Hour.
The Minister said while appointing retired bureaucrats as consultants, the government’s efforts were always objective rather than subjective.
“As the consultants and advisors are not to be engaged against regular posts, it is not likely to affect the morale of serving officials or employment opportunities for the youth. Moreover they bring expertise with them which only improves overall efficiency of the government,” he said.
Singh said as per the extant rules, the Ministries and Departments may hire external professionals, consultancy firms or consultants for a specific job, not against regular post. Some retired senior civil servants having expertise and eminence are also appointed as advisors with a view to achieve certain specified public policy objectives.
The Minister said the government is also framing guidelines for appointment of retired CG employees as consultants.
Source: ET

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

7th Pay Commission: Cabinet to decide on allowances, says FM Jaitley

7th Pay Commission: Cabinet to decide on allowances, says FM Jaitley

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet will take a decision on the suggestions of a special committee which has been set up to look into the provision of allowances under the 7th Central Pay Commission recommendations, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said Tuesday.
Replying to a question on the pay commission in Rajya Sabha, the minister said the government has decided that the recommendations on allowances, other than dearness allowance, will be examined by a committee headed by Finance Secretary as Chairman and Secretaries of Home Affairs, Defence, Health and Family Welfare among others as its members.
The committee, which was constituted on July 22, has been asked to submit its report within four months. Its first meeting took place on August 4.
“As far as allowances are concerned, 51 have been abolished while 37 have been subsumed. As the measures are radical in nature, even the employees’ unions have given their suggestions in the matter and therefore a special committee has been formed to look into it. Whatever the committee decides, it will go to the Cabinet,” Jaitley said.
The matters relating to pay and pension as decided by the government have been implemented with effect from January one this year.
Replying to a related question, Jaitley said it was the responsibility of the state governments to pay the salaries of their employees from their internal resources.
“So they will have to manage it from their own resources,” he said.
Digvijaya Singh (Congress) said the banking industry was in a crisis and lakhs and crores of rupes have gone into NPAs, willfull defaulters’ list and restructured loans.
So in this changed scenario, was the government planning to amend the section 45(E) of RBI Act 1934 which prohibits disclosing credit information, he asked.
“Transparency is a very popular word and it is being accepted all over the world. With transparency and with the coming of RTI Act, even then in some matters it is balanced with commercial confidentiality..There are some laws which are there since long time like the Income Tax..
“Therefore, the governemnt will have to work under the framework of these laws. Currently, the government has no proposal to change this provision,” Jaitley said.
As per 45(E) of RBI Act 1934, RBI is prohibited from disclosing credit information except under certain conditions.
Jaitley said the RBI gives detailed guidelines to banks on how to deal with the non-performing assets, stressed assets and how restructuring could be done.
To a question from KTS Tulsi, Jaitley said “trading and industrial advances” amount for larger NPAs in the country.
“As far as different sectors are concerned, there has been an experience that in case of smaller loans the level of NPAs have been much lesser. For example in the macro financing etc, the recoveries are to the extent of 99 per cent and therefore NPAs are much lesser. The higher NPAs are really in relation to much larger trading and industrial advances,” he said.
As of March 31, the gross NPAs of public sector banks stood at Rs 4.76 lakh crore, Jaitley said.
On hearing this, Tulsi said “that’s why farmers are killing themselves.”
Jaitley said the “farmers were killing themselves because the prices are not remunerative, the cost of cultivation has gone up and they are not able to pay off debts. This is the principle reason why the farm sector was in distress”.
Replying to a separate question, Jaitley said RBI had ordered an asset quality review of entire banking system which has been done on basis of which NPAs are now openly stated.
“And that is why in each quarterly asessment a provision is being made by classifying the NPAs as NPAs which was otherwise not being done. Therefore the accouts and balancesheets are now being cleaned up under the asset quality review which is being undertaken,” he said.
Source : zeenews

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Restoration of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension

No.4/38/2008-P&PW (D)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions 
(Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare)
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan
New Delhi-110 003.
Dated the 4th August, 2016
Subject-Restoration of 1/3rd commuted portion of pension in respect of Government servants who had drawn lumpsum payment on absorpt ion in Central Public Sector Undertakings/Central Autonomous Bodies – Stepping up of notional full pension w.e.f . 1.01.2006 for the purpose of Dearness relief and additional pension for old pensioners.
Orders for revision of 1/3rd restored pension of absorbees , who had drawn lumpsum payment on absorption, were issued vide this Department O.M. of even number dated 15.9.2008 as amended/ modified vide OM No.4/30/201 0-P&PW(D) dated 11.07.2013. As per these memorandums, the full pension of the absorbees was notionally revised w.e.f . 1.1.2006 in accordance with the instructions contained in this Department O.M. No.38/37/08-P&PW(A) dated 1.9.2008. The payment of DR and additional pension to old pensioners is regulated on the basis of the notional full pension.
2. Instructions were issued vide this Department’s OM No.38/37/08- P&PW(A) dated 28.1.2013 for stepping up of the pension of pre-2006 pensioners w.e.f . 24.9.2012 . Accordingly, the notional full pension of the absorbee pensioners was also stepped up w .e.f 24.09.2012 in accordance with the instructions contained in the aforesaid OM dated 28.1.2013 vide this Department’s OM of even number dated 03.04.2013.
3. Instructions were issued vide this Department’s OM No 38/37/08- P&PW(A) dated 30.07.2015 for revision of pension/ family pension of all pre- 2006 pensioners/ family pensioners in accordance with this Department’s OM dated 28.01.2013 with effect from 1.01.2006 instead of 24.09 .2012 . Accordingly , the notional full pension of absorbee pensioners was also revised in accordance with the instructions contained in aforesaid OM dated 30.07.2015 w.e.f. 1.01.2006 instead of 24.09.2012 for purpose of payment of dearness relief and additional pension for old pensioners vide this Department’s OM of even no. Dated 17.02.2016.
4. Instructions have now been issued vide this Department’s OM No. 38/37/08 P&PW(A) dated 6.04.2016 that the revised consolidated pension of pre-2006 pensioners shall not be lower than 50% of the minimum of the pay in the Pay Band and the grade pay (wherever applicable) corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale as per fitment table without pro-rata reduction of pension even if they had qualifying service of less than 33 years at the time of retirement. Accordingly , the notional full pension of absorbee pensioners would also be revised in accordance with the instructions contained in aforesaid OM dated 6.04.2016 w.e.f. 1.01.2006 and dearness relief and additional pension for old pensioners would be admissible on such notional revised full pension . There will, however , be no change in the actual 1/3rd restored pension determined in accordance with the OM dated 15.09.2008 read with OM dated 11.07.2013.
5. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide their I.D. No.1(5)/E.V/2012 dated 4.07.2016.
(Harjit Singh)
Source: NFIR

Friday, August 5, 2016


        WORKING CLASS UNITY ZINDABAD                             INQUILAB ZINDABAD


2016 September 2nd General Strike 12 Point Charter of Demands of Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions submitted to government

5 per cent interim relief released by HP govt

5 per cent interim relief released by HP govt 
Himachal Government today released five per cent interim relief to its employees and pensioners from August 1 this year.
The Interim Relief (IR) would be paid on basic salary plus Grade Pay but would not be part of salary and no allowance would be payable on it, a notification issued by the government said.
The pensioners would also get five percent interim relief from August 2016, payable along with pension for the month.
The release of IR would put annual burden of about Rs 300 crore on the state exchequer, Additional Chief secretary, SK Baldi said.
Chief minister Virbhadra Singh had made the announcement to release five per cent IR from August 1 during his budget speech in March this year.
However, the government has not yet released the installment of six per cent additional DA to the employees which was due from January 1, 2016.
Meanwhile, the government?today announced 8.1 per cent interest on general provident Fund and other such savings to the employees for current Financial Year.
Source : zeenews

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A note by Rashmin Purohit Circle Secretary All India Postal Employees Union Group 'C' Gujarat Circle, regarding precautions and assurance of security of Postal employees working on counters and dealing with customers.

For Bhuj incident, where a customer assaulted on our PA and damaged furniture/broken counter glasses,  police complaint launched. I have talked to SP Bhuj for launching police complaint by head of the office because it is case of damage & distraction of govt properties. I also requested to arrange one "Security personal" in day time. He agreed for both things and also confirmed to Com. Dhaval Gusai our Divisional Secretary at Bhuj.

After quite unsatisfactory function of CBS and delay and difficulties in day to day work, all officers at all levels know everything. Annoyed customers are used to entertain hot, abusing and threatening conversations with our concerned staff. Anytime, violence like this Bhuj incident can occur at any office. I am sad but clear about painful experience of administrative functionaries that it thinks constantly about pleasing higher authorities but thinks a little about sufferings of staff. They are very fast in forcing any type of work on any day with threat of 'serious view' and 'disciplinary actions' but they are very slack in resolving even minor problems of staff. Our staff at lower level suffer various types of exploitation without making it an issue because of fear of revengeful transfer, disc action or other atrocities. This is reality, a distinct picture. As a Circle Secretary, I don't want to leave any problems unattended and settled but if the sufferers don't show courage of writing and representing their problems, it becomes very difficult to raise voice strongly. 

We are also taking up above said Bhuj issue with circle administration for review of this incident and ensure security of employees by taking two immediate actions:

1. Provision of CC TV camera with full recording of footages round the clock.

2. Provision of Security guard at all HOs through out day.

Sunday, July 10, 2016


QUERY --- Just like the issues of Salary hike, Fitment formula or parity of Pension, the issue of NPS is common to all Central Govt. Departments. In spite of that, this issue appears to be less highlighted. I represent a unit where 80% of the employees belong to NPS and all of us are aware of the pros & cons of the scheme and we are really concerned about our future
Com. S. Das, Circle Secretary, AIPAEA (NFPE), Postal Accounts, Assam Circle, Guwahati.

REPLY ----- Thanks for your concern. The problem of NPS employees are well taken care of by the NJCA.  Please see the Press Statement issued by NJCA on 6th July 2016 after taking the decision to defer the strike which is published in confederation website. The last paragraph reads as follows------- "The NJCA particularly notes that the Govt. has set up a separate committee for reviewing the New Pension Scheme, which has been a matter of concern to all employees and workers who are recruited to Govt. services after 01.01.2004." Please also see the para -12 of the Press Communique issued by the Govt. through Press Information Bureau immediately after the Cabinet decision on 29th June 2016 which reads as --------- "Para-12--- The Cabinet also decided to constitute a separate committee to suggest measures for streamlining the implementation of New Pension System (NPS)". Cabinet decision is taken as it is one of the important demand of the Charter of demands of NJCA submitted to Govt. NJCA shall take follow up action on this particular demand as all of us are very much concerned about this important demand. This demand is directly linked to the policy of the NDA Govt. as all of you are aware that it is the previous NDA Govt. which took a Cabinet decision in 2003 to implement New Contributory Pension Scheme to Central Govt. Employees from 01.01.2004.

M. Krishnan 
Secretary General